Vania Almeida: IPSIBiM project

My research project entitled “Improved Patient Safety through Intensive Biosignal Monitoring” project targets the monitoring of post-operative patients, an area where hospitals are facing difficult experiences in targeting early signs of patient deterioration, ┬áleading to late intensive care referrals, excess mortality and morbidity, and increased hospital costs.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest to improve patient safety during hospitalizations. So, it is fundamental to detect clinical deterioration early so that clinicians may intervene before a life-threatening event occurs.

The major limitation of early warning systems is that they are based on manual checks performed by nursing staff, and that the observations only occur intermittently.

This projects consists of the implementation of a system based on wireless recording of real-time vital signs and analytical algorithms capable of providing guidance to clinicians of early signs of deterioration.

It aims to be specific to post-operative orthopaedic patients. Typically, caring for the orthopaedic patient includes a multidisciplinary team and treatment that includes: acute pain control, monitoring for post-operative complications and rehabilitation.

The potential health benefits are evident to the patients, avoiding serious patient safety incidents attributed to lack of systematic vital sign observations and providing a better decision-support system for the interpretation of vital signs. However, the economic impact of such systems (reducing the time allocated to bedside monitoring and also, reducing the hospital stay) is of great importance to our society.

Along the project multidisciplinary technical and scientific training will be required, namely:

(to be continued…)

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